What to eat this week? Baked Oatmeal!

What to eat this week? Baked Oatmeal!

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Being a mom, I have to find the time to dedicate to the store and in doing so, I try my hardest to supply everyone with something of essence. This week we will focus on simply recipes that are quick, healthy and fun!

The best things in life takes time to develop. Don’t get discouraged watching the time, rather use that same time to continue to grind even harder.

— LaTasha Williamson

I’ve personally discovered baked oatmeal on accident, because I was in a rush to cook and did not have time to get ready to leave and watch the food on the stove. So,I thought “okay, why don’t I put it in the oven instead”. That way I wouldn’t have to literally watch it cook. So, I placed filtered water in a oven safe glass bowl and then placed it in the oven. Follow the liquid measurements on the box or package as recommended for your serving amount. As the water warmed, I rinsed off the oatmeal. I used basic Gluten Free Quaker Quick Oats.

Due to food sensitivities, I find it best to soak the oatmeal first (anywhere from 15 mins – overnight) and then rinse it really well. You can rinse it well by using a cheese cloth to drain out any excess water or simply drain it from a cup using a spoon.  I hope by sharing this recipe, it will make your lives just a tad bit easier in the mornings.  After you drain the water, rinse it again and then prepare to put it in the bowl thats warming in the oven. You are now ready to bake your oatmeal.

Quick oats take only but a few minutes to cook. Add the rinsed oatmeal to the bowl and stir. Bake for a few minutes (3-5 minutes),checking frequently, as oven times may vary. Once, you have obtained the consistency you desire, carefully remove the oatmeal from the oven and let it sit for a couple of minutes, as it cools down.

If you’d like to add any additional toppings, this is the time to do it. I like to add some vietnamese ground cinnamon and some freshly cut apples to my oatmeal. This gives it a warm apple pie taste and my sons enjoys it as well. Play around with the different toppings that can be added. Here are some suggestions: Fresh Blueberries, Maple and Brown Sugar, Peaches and Strawberries and the list can go on. I hope you enjoy your baked oatmeal! Bon Appetite! – Much Blessings to you and yours! – LaTasha Williamson

photo credit: https://draxe.com/recipe/apple-cinnamon-baked-oatmeal-recipe/

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